About Us

What people say about you says a lot of what you are about. You will find some 60+ testimonials from some of the many companies I have worked with on the testimonials page on this website. What I am able to provide is an outsourced marketing department, management consultancy and business consultancy for you.


 As well as being able to provide marketing expertise for you, you can expect a wealth of business consultancy experience. Plus, over ten years I have built up a resourceful network of associate specialists who can provide specialist work when required. I can work with your own internal marketing department developing their skills or working on set projects for them.

Why use Chris Jenkinson?

I have a long track record of successfully helping businesses - just have a look through some of the testimonials.

But my business is different - how can you help me?

A popular question! I do see opportunities and customers that you may be missing and working with a diverse range of businesses, I have built up the knowledge of which marketing delivers results and those that don't.

What are your fees?

You can find out more information on my fees for the different areas of work I undertake on the Pricing page.

How long will this take?

You could see a difference within a month, but this does depend on a number of factors, for a no obligation chat please call me on 01455 556201 or please email me through the 'Get in touch' page and I'll be pleased to call you.

Within a very short time Chris has made an impact to our business and I am very happy to recommend him. He started work right away and we were seeing results within a few days.

But is this going to cost me loads in advertising?

No, part of the skill I have is being able to see opportunities you may be missing and build on these, either by creating new marketing strategies or redefining current marketing expenditure. But always to create a return on investment for you.

Can I see some references?

Yes, not only do I have a wealth of testimonials, I can let you have contact details for references.

What sized businesses do you work with?

I have worked and work with a wide range of businesses in terms of turnovers, employees, and industries. I work with business owners and directors who want to increase their sales.

How does the guarantee work?

I agree to achieve the sales targets you set.

How do you do it?

You will be an expert in your business, this is my expertise, seeing the missed opportunities, marketing your business and capturing new customers. My role is to provide a return on your investment in our services; if I don't deliver I don't get paid.

Do you have any case studies?

Yes, please e-mail and ask for details.

What geographical areas do you cover?

All areas of the UK, Europe and Worldwide.