Outsourcing Your Marketing

A strong marketing strategy is the key to bringing in new customers and growing your company. However, many businesses are simply not large enough to have their own dedicated marketing department.

"Within a few days we were quoting for new jobs and just taken a substantial order.. amazing!"

If this is the case with your company, it may be time to consider outsourced marketing. 

Using Jenkinson & Associates to do this vital job for you has much to recommend, for example:

Better Focus: If you delegate the important job of marketing to somebody who knows how to do it, you and your employees are then free to focus on sales, product development etc. It allows you to keep the rest of your business running smoothly. If you are spreading your time too thinly you will find that quality starts to suffer.

A Fresh Perspective: Sometimes you need to bring in a new pair of eyes to see where your company is going wrong or could do better. For this reason, outsourced marketing is a particularly good idea if you are experiencing a sales slump. Not only will the expert you hire be able to increase the visibility of your company and bring in new clients, they will also give you the benefit of an outside viewpoint to set you back on the right path.


Cost Effective: Outsourcing your marketing also makes sense from a financial perspective. Rather than paying the salaries of a full-time marketing team you can just bring somebody in to implement a strategy which can easily be managed. Then they come in as and when they’re needed to keep you up-to-date with the latest methods.

Expertise: Some companies, particularly when they’re start-ups, try to save money by doing their marketing on their own – even if they know very little about the subject. This is short-sighted and can actually lose you money if your competitors are using all the latest techniques and winning the customers. In today’s harsh business environment you have make an impact right from the start, and an expertly-crafted marketing strategy is key to this. The world of marketing is so rapidly-changing that you can’t hope to stay on top of trends is you don’t devote all your time to it.


Measuring Results: Lastly, outsourcing your marketing gives you the chance to actually quantify and analyse the results of marketing activities. It can show you what actually works and what marketing really can achieve. Once they have implemented your strategy a consultant should be able to keep you regularly updated with the latest data to show you how your campaign is progressing, and whether any changes need to be made.