E-Commerce Marketing

E-commerce marketing is not only the optimisation of a website to gain higher number of visitors but also improving the conversion of these visitors from being a visitor into becoming customers.

My online marketing includes, responsive ecommerce web design, mobile websites & conversion, hosting, SEO, Adword management, analytics, integration of facebook  twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Blogs, PR, Stumble Upon, Google Products, Amazon, Ebay, affiliate marketing etc

Client's E-Commerce Growth 2018

5 E-commerce Marketing Tips

  No 1. Ecommerce Marketing starts with your website - make sure you have the best designed website you can afford. Your website is going to be your shop front and your customers will judge you on what they see. If they don't feel happy on your website your customers won't buy. If you are getting the visitors but not the conversions then speak to an ecommerce marketing specialist to analyse and improve your conversion rates, this can be due to just not having the right selling and confidence messages.

No 2. Make sure your website is easy to use - it's no good having thousands of great products at great prices if your customers can't find them. So easy navigation and a search tool throughout the site is a good idea.

No 3. So now your customers have found the product they want but how is it displayed? Do you give lots of different images - different angles - sizes and customer reviews? Unlike a high street shop you can't touch so on an ecommerce website you need to make it easy for people to see the product you have for sale is what they want to buy.

No 4. Ecommerce SEO starts on your website - this has to be right to begin with, if not it doesn't matter how much you spend on off-site SEO your site won't display for the number of searches you need. If you think your on-site SEO isn't right get an SEO expert to run a SEO site audit.

No 5. Check out the competition - all the time - check to see what your competitors are up to, online buyers will open multiple tabs and compare each online offer - it doesn't have to come down to price there are lots of other ways to persuade online customers that you should be their place of purchase choice.

Once you have tested and re-tested your website and you are ready to go online - you need to get sales - advertising on Marketplaces is a good way to get a feel of what your customers are looking for and which products bring you revenue. It is too easy to start spending a fortune on online advertising and coming away with very little. Once you know what is important to you then is the time to start looking at getting high organic search listings and advertising. Money spent with a professional internet marketing consultant will be money well spent for the future. With SEO - use a consultant or company that is in tune with what you want and is looking to market you on line - not tie you into a long worthless expensive contract. Make sure the company you choose can SEO themselves and have plenty of examples of competitive business sectors they have achieved high rankings in - if they can't do it for themselves or others they are unlikely to be able to this for you.


Chris has made an impact to our online ecommerce business and I am very happy to recommend him. He started work right away and we were seeing results within a few days.

My online marketing skills gets websites to be ranked for high volume search terms and having done the hard work of gaining these visitors the task then is to identify and improve the customer navigation to increase the conversion of these visitors into customers.               

You will appreciate that there are certain websites that you will shop on and others you may not and many of these reasons can be subliminal my job is to ensure all these messages are in place and maximise your opportunity.

Thanks for the work you have done for our ecommerce business - you certainly have made a difference

I have worked with many large online retail websites, increasing search rankings and increasing sales, developing online strategies to attract new customers and then marketing to existing customers to gain repeat sales.

Responsive Web Design, Mobile Websites, SEO & Conversions


If you would like to know more about the work I can do for your e-commerce business please do get in touch.