Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Online Advertising & Google Adwords

Internet Marketing brings many unique benefits to marketing, lower costs for revenue acquisition and low costs to distribute information and media about a company's products and range of services to a global audience.


The interactive nature of Internet marketing allows capture and client acquisition at the point the potential client or customer is looking for a service or product. If you aren't achieving inquiries, leads and sales through your website then you are missing opportunities that your competitors will be achieving. These days company marketing or business marketing needs to encompass all marketing opportunities including internet marketing, the businesses I work with are always surprised on the amount of sales generated from the internet.

      Having a top page ranking has just multiplied our sales - wish we'd found you years ago

Would you like to know what your competitors are using as keywords for their online advertising?

My SEO work not only includes getting your business website found for large numbers of relevant keyword searches organically and for some of my clients this runs into hundreds of keywords which we optimize and track on a weekly basis. Part of the work I do can be to research and let you have the information on what it is your competitors are using as paid for advertising searches. Instead of you having to second guess, just think how enormously beneficial this information could be to your business and your marketing spend.

Ask for a free report on your competitor through the 'get in touch' page.

How important are Social Media Sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and You Tube for business?

Social networking undertaken correctly can keep you connected to your clients and customers - for free! It doesn't cost anything to join this party, just a bit of time. You also can partake in the wealth of free information available, what's new, what people like etc. A couple of years ago it was you must have a website, these days you must have an online presence on social media sites. If you haven't the time I can do this for you, working as your social media marketing manager building your brand and reputation to develop more customers and more repeat customers.

Managing Google, Yahoo, Bing and Social Network Sites Adword Campaigns for You

My approach to Internet and online marketing is to position and market a website to attract the potential customer to sign up or inquire about a company's products and services, as well as ensuring the website is found when potential customers are searching. I manage this in several ways, research your market and your competitors, advise and undertake any changes to layout, content and navigation of a website. I will manage on line advertising campaigns and SEO, and undertake and manage Google, Yahoo, Bing and Social Network Sites, Adword campaigns and analysis of website traffic, continually updating and upgrading search terms to ensure maximum exposure and acquisition of customers. I undertake online, internet and web advertising for local, regional, national, country specific or international advertising and marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO and Internet Marketing

My search engine optimization, (SEO) work is undertaken alongside market research and website traffic analysis, with a range of techniques to increase a website's organic listing to the search terms key customers use to find a website and then once on a website to act, either by making a purchase or requesting information. To read more about Search Engine Optimization and SEO look at our Search Engine Optimization page.

Marketing online these days is being aware of new technology and new ideas and how these can benefit and create business marketing opportunities. I can set up Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Blogs and can ghost write articles and blogs for you.

Many companies offer similar services, but when choosing a company to develop your website rankings remember it should be marketing led. As a business owner you may think you know what keywords are important to your business, but your customers and competitors may have a completely different approach. My work involves researching your potential customer and then making the path from search to sale happen. Why I can guarantee the work that I do, is because I'm successful in increasing traffic to websites and so increasing sales, a key and quick win for me is to achieve this for clients. This is how I am able to make a quick return on any investment made by a business for my services and so offer a guarantee.

Top Page Rankings

If you are looking for someone to help with your online marketing make sure they can give you plenty of examples of their work - please see my SEO Results page for more details.