Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, Facebook & Twitter

Google Adwords & PPC- it's expensive, isn't it?

Adwords, PPC (pay per click), internet advertising - I've tried it, it's very expensive and doesn't work. I quite often hear this. And yes like any form of advertising which isn't targeted, designed for a target market, placed in front of that target market, reviewed, assessed and monitored it can be very expensive and create no return. If you are new to Google Adwords I can help you to start your first campaign and also start your campaign with a free 75 pound Google Advertising voucher.

What do you do if you need something? Reach for a paper directory? Or the newspaper or do you open a search engine page and search. If you do you are no different to the thousands of your prospective customers doing the same right now. If you aren't advertising I bet your competitors are. Have a search for what you provide, have a look at all those advertisers waiting there for someone to click on their advert and for a customer to buy.

Keyword research

My research can provide you with what your competitors are doing. What keywords and adverts they are using in their Adword campaigns and importantly the volume of searches for specific keywords. As you'll appreciate knowing what others are doing in your marketplace is a powerful tool.

Managing your Adword account

I can manage your account, set the account up for you and with my marketing experience and knowledge can make your advertising work for you. I'll show you how it works, what to be reviewing, setting goals, conversion rates or if you are happy to leave this to me I will provide you with regular easy to read and understand reports on how your campaigns are doing. I'll make sure you feature where your potential customers are searching and make sure your advert stands out from the rest, it doesn't need to be expensive - it needs to work.

Social media marketing, facebook, twitter etc.

People love computers, people love their phones. Could you do without yours? This is what is happening, the majority are online several times a day, catching up browsing, looking for things. The great thing about social media is there are lots of people who want to share stuff, what they are doing and what they have seen. Social media websites understand the power of the information they have, for an advertiser if you can get all these groups of people to pass on what they like, it's like a personal endorsement.

Certain social media sites have their own advertising. Some enable you to target demographically and geographically, a powerful and targeted advertising opportunity. You know you are likely to buy if one of your friends says it's good.
This simply, is social media marketing the opportunity of viral marketing and part of the services we provide. I can set up and manage facebook pages and twitter accounts for you.