E Mail Marketing, Sales Letters, PR, Publicity, Article Marketing & Online Reputation Management

Email Marketing

Targeted email marketing with the right message to the right customers allows you to develop new customers and to keep in contact with your current customers. It is a relatively economical way to reach a lot of people quickly and easily. There are a number of rules which need to be observed when sending emails and disregarding this can be at your peril. Email marketing campaigns can ensure that new prospects have signed into receiving promotional emails and I can ensure the right target audience for your communications and produce HTML email templates and email servers to manage large and small e marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Campaign Services

  • Acquire Opted In Data
  • Design Simple Or Complex HTML Email Templates
  • Manage And Send Bulk Emails
  • Report On Click Throughs, Unsubscribers, Bounces, Open Rates

Sales Letters in Multi Languages

A well written letter to the right person can create sales. A sales letter should be written with what is important to the customer, what will your business do which will be beneficial to the recipient. I can write sales letter in any language and manage large and small direct mail campaigns for you.

Press & Publicity

I have successfully undertaken campaigns for clients who have resulted in press coverage in local, regional and national newspapers as well as undertaking live radio interviews on behalf of clients. I also managed to get a client's products featured on a prime time TV programme on the run up to Christmas; this resulted in the client receiving 3 months worth of orders in one day!

I also undertake online PR, writing articles of interest about products and services, with many of these being highly ranked for those long tail keyword searches.

Article Marketing & Content Marketing

Article marketing is similar to blog writing except the articles are written and then published on relevant websites to do with the content of the article and, or your business. I can provide this as a write only or write and publish service. For examples of the type of articles I write please have a look at some of the articles on this website in the Popular Post section.

Online Reputation Management

These days it can be fairly simple for unscrupulous individuals or companies to post and publish untrue and negative information about a business. Sometimes these listings and reviews can appear very high in search engines when potential customers are searching and can make potential customers think again about buying or enquiring from a website. There are several avenues you can take if this has happened to you, you can try and get the offending material removed, but this can take time, or you can increase the amount of internet positive PR you have, so forcing any negative comments to the lower pages. If you are in need of an online reputation rescue please do get in contact.