Market Research, Business Plans, Presentations And Financial Plans

Market research
I can provide different market research to suit your requirements, from desk top research to investigatory research. A lot of our work has been to do with feasibility research, is there an opportunity and how much of an opportunity. Some of the research has involved face to face customer interviews and online interviews and this can include overseas. If you are looking to take a major commercial decision, wouldn't it be better to have all the facts in front of you to take a calculated decision.

Business plans & financial plans
Preparing a business plan is about your business and what you want to achieve. How I can help is to advise on opportunities you may not realize and also to write your business plan with your reader of your plan in mind. Your business plan as well as a plan and forecast for your business is likely to be used to gain investment or buy in from shareholders or investors. Ensuring that the key messages are quickly understood by an investor or joint partner can be critical in their decision.

Business presentations
Producing a stunning presentation is a skill, it is going to be a marketing tool for you. It is your company being presented and if it is to be used to hopefully acquire new customers your presentation needs to sell what is important to your prospective customer.I can quickly develop and produce first class presentations, train you on how best to use this to make sure you have every chance of success.

Profit and loss analysis, cost analysis and margin analysis
In business your key goal is profit. Profit is what you use to re-invest, develop or pay yourself. There are quite often areas of financial analysis which can reveal hidden opportunities. You may think your accountant can do this for you and in the main they can. But as I work with a wide variety of businesses I can share with you best practice and opportunities you or your accountant may have overlooked