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I've just started working with Fuertenvetura company Wave Rider Surf School, Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands and is famous for its surf. The company as well as providing lessons in surfing in Fuerteventura can also provide accommodation right on the beach. If you would like to know more and maybe book yourself a surfing holiday this year have a look at their website


I've just started working with laughter therapy company 'Team Building Through Laughter' the company provides a unique experience of promoting laughter as a method of team building, not only for business organizations but in schools, residential homes, in fact everywhere people have to get on with each other. Laughter is an easy tool to break down workplace barriers and this is what they do in running laughter workshops. More information about the company can be found on their website


Within a few weeks the range of new products introduced by Sherwood Signs are now appearing on Page 1 of Google, with the new Dayglo Banners and Fluorescent Banners in the number 1 position and Lectern Signs at the top of page 1. If you are at the top of search engines for your products and services it does make it easier for customers to find you.


There has been an increasing number of enquiries about the Green Roof Tile Company's Envirotile by conservatory builders and manufacturers as they look for a tiling product which is lightweight and durable. The Envirotile weighing just 730g is a perfect lightweight alternative as a conservatory roof tile.


I'm working with Tengo Media Ltd the company as well as providing a wealth of ICT support and solutions that help businesses work more effectively the company also has developed Gift Aid Software to help charities to increase their gift aid revenues at the point of sale with their Charity EPOS Till Systems.
More information can be found about the company on their website


I quite often get asked how long does SEO take? When will I start seeing results? Although it may not happen every time, what has happened previously is usually a good indication of what may happen in the future. If you look further down the page you'll see I started working with a brand new e-commerce business Ingenio Store about a month ago, they had just launched their new website. I'm happy to report they now appear on page 1 of Google for ' Vintage Football Shirts' one of their two most important keyword searches.


Sherwood Signs have introduced a number of new products to their range of advertising banners and signs, DayGlo Banners, Lectern Displays and Planning Boards, you can see more about their range of advertising signs on their website


I'm back working with Multi-User Systems Ltd, the property management software company in London who have just launched their new website. The company provides a property software suite of programs for businesses and companies who manage large number of residential or commercial properties. More information can be found on their website


Just posted a testimonial from Ingenio Store which reads 'Ingenio Store are a vintage / retro football merchandise company and we were looking for help to assist us position our business effectively right from the start. We found the advice and help given has really made a difference to us and are happy to recommend.' Ingenio sell a large range of retro and vintage football shirts as well as lots of other vintage football merchandise. You can see more of the range they sell on their website