Can you get our website to be found on page 1?

Multiple keyword and international searches

I have worked with many businesses and taken them from internet obscurity to front page for many relevant keywords for their business. Several of my clients feature not only for hundreds of keywords on UK search engines but for keywords on many international search engines as well.

'Since Chris has been working with us, our website is now found for hundreds of keyword searches from all over the world.'

A few examples and each of these businesses have many different search terms highly ranked -

These are just a few examples of keywords (written in capitals) and all these websites feature for many keywords on page 1 Google - arrange 5 ASIDE FOOTBALL LONDON Page 1
The Local Honey Man you can BUY HONEY Page 1
Playmore Golf sell GOLF MEMBERSHIPS Page 1
Popup-Stands-UK sell POPUP STANDS Page 1
Lumiere MediSpa undertake BOTOX TREATMENTS OXFORD Page 1
Grand Slam Charters provide TURKS & CAICOS DEEP SEA FISHING Page 1
Brierley Hill Crystal manufacture and sell ENGLISH CRYSTAL GLASS Page 1
Traffic Angel sell HGV SAFETY TECHNOLOGY Page 1
Wave Rider Surf School are SURF SCHOOLS FUERTEVENTURA Page 1
Brooks Forgings are UK FORGING COMPANIES Page 1
Netbusters organise LONDON NETBALL LEAGUES Page 1

I can also provide examples of ranking websites in Poland, Greece, France, Germany, Croatia, Portugal and Switzerland.

E-Commerce Marketing

Selling online and how to get more visitors, convert more visitors and make more sales.
Online retailing sales continue to increase year on year. Increasing your share can be through a number of methods including off line promotion. But the best has to be - being visible when someone makes a search, even better if your website appears right at the top of the page for that search term.

'We've just had our best week of sales ever! - Thank you!'


Search Engine Marketing

My search marketing starts with research, research of your potential market, research of your competitors and analyzing your current visitor experience on your website. My research will provide numerous search inquiries which people are making. My SEO work is about increasing your website rankings for volume search terms and long tail search terms. This work results in the websites I work with having thousands of relevant search terms in high ranking positions. The more your website is found the more visitors you will attract.

Visitor Conversion

Professional website retailing is not too different from the requirements of high street retailing, how a shop appears, ease of finding products, how to pay etc. Of course a major difference is you can't hold the product, assess the quality, try it on etc. So these and other online retail requirements need to be built in. A good visitor experience will result in sales.

Online Advertising and Cost Per Click

Advertising online can be expensive if like any advertising it isn't targeted and evaluated. My methods will not only improve your cost to sale conversion but will also develop your knowledge and understanding on how to make online advertising work for your company. My range of online advertising experience includes Google, Bing, Facebook and selective online websites, plus being part of Google Engage for Agencies I can start your new Adwords advertising campaign with a free £50 Google Voucher.

Choose wisely

If you are looking for a SEO agency, do choose wisely.  Can they provide evidence of rankings for companies they have worked with? I have had businesses come to me having used nationally known SEO companies who, I believe miss sell. You will pay for a search term per month, most of the time it is an irrelevant search term and I have seen '.... within the M25' as the keyword phrase being paid for month after month. A search phrase which very few people will use. 


Does it take long?

It can take a couple of months to start seeing a difference, but you could also see very quick results depending on how competitive the search terms are, some rankings appear on page 1 within 4 to 6 weeks. Businesses have started to wake up to the power of the internet as a marketing and sales development tool, so there is more competition. Fortunately a lot of businesses still don't actively market their websites, and there are the unscrupulous SEO companies whose ranking methods get caught out and the websites disappear. I provide regular reports on rankings and competitor rankings, as well as information on search volume trends.
As a couple of recent clients said -

"That was quick! We should now see some sales soon!"
"Really good to see that we’re on page 1.  How did you do it?  Obviously, it’s magic!!!"

Is it expensive?

You need to consider web marketing as a medium term investment. It is something which needs to be undertaken regularly and strategically.