Website Marketing

Do you think a good website design should be based around your business? In other words, all about you? 'This is us. We have been established for 7 years. These are the products we make. Here's a selection of our press releases.'

Not desperately inspiring is it?                                              

Or do you firmly believe the essence of great web design begins by looking at the process from the prospective customer's point of view? What are they searching online for? What are their 'wants' right now? How might you fulfill those requirements?


Sadly many websites are produced without a thought for the 'customer experience'. Oh let's see . . . we'll have a Home page, an About Us page . . . a Testimonials page, because that's what everybody does isn't it? It's the norm. It's expected. It's almost like selecting items from a takeaway menu.

I can undertake design, development and optimization of websites in any CMS and structure including Umbraco, Wordpress, Squarespace, HTML, Joomla and other open source CMS or design bespoke CMS.

"Having a top page ranking website has just multiplied our sales - wish we'd found you years ago"

What it boils down to is this: who are you designing your website for? If it's simply to provide information about your organisation, then possibly a very basic website that can grow alongside your business might do the trick.        

However, for the vast majority of business owners, they require a website that will do more than look pretty and provide information. They desire a website that will actively sell their products and services to a hungry audience. Therefore, the content must be exclusively designed to appeal to that target audience. This is absolutely vital.

And once your website is up and running, your chosen internet marketing company will teach you what you need to do in terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google AdWords and Social Media Marketing, if these are aspects you wish to carry out in-house.

Having a bad website design is like trying to run a marathon with sprained ankle. You might make it to the finish line eventually, but you'll have done a whole lot more damage in the process.