10 Advantages Organic SEO Has Over Pay Per Click

Here’s a question – is organic SEO better than pay per click?
It’s the kind of debate that’s been raging for many years now and isn’t likely to go anywhere in the near future. Just as some businesses swear by the effectiveness of PPC, others put all their proverbial eggs in SEO’s ever-appealing basket.
Nevertheless, ask any expert and they’ll tell you the same – a good balance of both is the way to go.
Still, there’s no denying how organic SEO certainly has the edge over PPC in certain departments. Even today, SEO is more relevant, powerful and important than it has ever been. Which is why some suggest that if you are going to focus on just one digital marketing strategy, SEO could be it.
Here’s a brief summary of 10 notable advantages organic SEO has over pay per click advertising:

1.First and foremost, people in general tend to trust organic listings far more than any form of paid advertising. Evidence from SERP behavioural studies have shown that approximately three in four consumers will choose a link that appears organically over a PPC ad.

2.As such, organic also has the edge in terms of overall click rates. Along with having more influence and value in the eyes of consumers in general, organic results are approximately 8X more likely to be clicked than PPC ads.

3.While PPC marketing campaigns are finite, SEO is permanent. Just as long as your respective SEO strategy is strong and viable enough, it can continue delivering extraordinary value indefinitely.

4.Not only this, but organic SEO works out approximately 45X cheaper than comparable PPC advertising. That being, to achieve the kind of prominence and exposure your business needs, chances are you are going to spend a lot more on PPC – if used exclusively.

5.PPC, unless handled carefully and professionally, can actually have a negative effect on the perceived trust and authority of the business.  Given that PPC represents a form of paid advertising and today’s consumer isn’t particularly enamoured with paid advertising, PPC must be handled with care.

6.When you undertake a PPC campaign, each campaign is visible on a single search engine and only. However, a strong SEO strategy gives your business and message the opportunity to appear on any number of major search engines.

7.Research has shown that effective search engine optimisation can bring approximately 85% more new traffic to a website than comparable PPC.
8.Once implemented, an effective SEO strategy can be cyclical in nature – a self-perpetuating process of on-going improvement. By contrast, PPC campaigns are more of a ‘one time only’ exposure boost for the duration of the campaign.

9.On the whole, SEO has been found to deliver a much better ROI than any kind of paid advertising – including PPC.

10.Last but not least, strong SEO based on quality content, site performance and the user experience in general encourages the development and maintenance of an outstanding website. By contrast, PPC can be used to market any website or business, irrespective of its quality.