Business & Marketing Coaching

If you aren't looking for a full on marketing service but would rather have the information on what works best so that you can do your own marketing, SEO and internet marketing, I offer a one to one by telephone coaching.

What you get:

Marketing ideas that work
How to avoid advertising that doesn't work
How to network
How to optimise your website
How to increase website conversions
How to do your own SEO
How to build your business
How to find more customers
How to use Google analytics
Setting up Google Adwords plus a FREE £75 voucher to try Adwords

Really everything you need to know to give your business a real chance of success - you will have taken accountancy advice, you may have taken legal advice, you may have taken some design advice - the missing piece is creating sales and getting some marketing advice.

As I work and have worked with a large number of businesses in different sectors and industries I know the methods that work and those that don't. You could spend thousands of your hard earned cash finding out which methods of marketing don't work and most businesses fail due to not having the cash flow from not having the level of sales from not having the right marketing.

For a no obligation discussion please call me today.