Can You Appeal to Millennials Without Going to Extremes?

It is very often said that from a web marketing perspective, appealing to millenials is far from an easy job. Which indeed it is not, if you’re misguided enough to think that you could attract millenials the same way you would attract other audiences marketing-wise. It is not that the millenials market is fundamentally impossible to reach –it’s simply that you need to make a few adjustments accordingly.

And it is certainly no different than it has ever been. After all, will you really hope that an ad campaign for 13-year-old girls will have much of an impact on 70-year-old retired men? If you truly want to appeal to millenials, you have to think about what engages this specific demographic.

Move to online focus
For example, it is absolutely worth optimising your entire marketing approach to cater to the simple fact that millenials do everything online. When they are looking for information, wish to purchase something, need to get in touch with somebody, seek entertainment and basically everything else across the board, the web really is the be all and end all for millenials. Unless you want to focus on the smaller hipster market, you should forget about appealing to millenials by way of conventional advertising and communication channels.

Every customer Is Mobile
Not only do millenials spend their lives entirely connected, but they do so primarily by way of mobile devices. No previous generation has been glued to personal tech devices on an on-going basis quite like the millenials crowd. Which of course can be advantageous, as it means that you have a constant means by which to reach this demographic. If this is the online audience you wish to tap into, you need to assume that every customer that comes your way is using mobile devices, rather than simply handling the mobile markets as an afterthought.

Use Paid Social Ads on Facebook
According to the latest statistics, the average user spends nearly one hour every day surgically attached to Facebook. Considering the fact that there are only 24 hours in every day, it is a borderline terrifying level of commitment. Contrary to the warnings of many critics, the power of social media is only growing at an increasing rate on a global basis. Using the paid social ads on Facebook gives you the opportunity to directly reach your target customers with the perfect marketing elements, ensuring not a penny of your spending is going to waste.

Establish Your Brand Story
Last but not least, conventional advertising approaches have no impact on millennial audiences whatsoever. They can’t be persuaded by the hard sell, they aren’t seduced by deals and discounts and nor can you convince millenials they want something on the merits of the service or product alone. By contrast, storytelling as a marketing method has a huge power over millenials. Rather than simply selling your products and services, sell your unique brand story – the classic approach of selling without selling.