Content Marketing: Six Daily Habits to Improve Your Output

The one thing every content marketer in the world must acknowledge is that there’s no such thing as perfection. Not only this, but content marketing represents a constant, everyday battle that must be fought tooth and nail. If you’re not constantly striving for improvement, there’s a good chance you’re heading for decay.

So with this in mind, here’s a quick rundown of six daily habits to consistently improve your content output:

1. Read Marketing Articles
First up, there’s an incredible archive of relevant and up-to-date marketing chatter to tap into. You can’t be expected to know and keep up with it all, but there’s also no excuse for allowing it to pass you by without a thought. All you need to know to improve what you do is right there at your fingertips, free of charge and updated around the clock, every day.

2. Stray From the Subject
If you focus on one subject and one subject alone religiously, it’s easy to forget there’s a whole world outside your bubble. Focus on your specialist area is one thing, but straying from the subject can also be important in opening you up to what else is interesting, relevant and trending at the time.

3. Find Out What’s Being Shared
Speaking of which, there are plenty of tools and resources you can tap into, in order to find out what’s trending and being shared at the time. From SlideShare presentations to BuzzSumo’s trending content reports and right through to seeing what’s being watched most on YouTube, it’s not hard to find out what’s engaging internet users at any one time.

4. Don’t Force it
Never write anything just because you have to…it’ll be way too obvious and will dilute the appeal of what you do. If ever you find yourself facing a huge creative block, try going over your previous work and look for something you can revisit. If you find a post that was a hit back then which has the potential to be revisited in some way, jackpot!

5. Embrace Viral Content
Even if you hate it personally and it has little to do with whatever it is you do, viral content represents a window to the subconscious of the public. When something goes viral, it does so for a reason – one that resonates with thousands, even millions. Keeping with viral content means both keeping up with consumer audiences in general and gaining an insight into what viral content is all about.

6. Reach Out
Last but not least, never overlook the value of reaching out to your target audience members and asking them direct for their thought, opinions and what’s driving them right now. Give them an open forum for discussion, invite comments and basically have them deliver all the information and starting points you need, right into your lap. Remain fully engaged via social media and this tends to happen naturally.