How Can I Attract More Visitors To My Website?

Launching a shiny-new website is always exciting, but often brings the prospect of an extensive initial dry spell. Given how your website has only just (technically) come into existence, it is unlikely to automatically attract huge volumes of traffic from day one.

This is something that applies to most smaller businesses launching new websites, for which web design and development is only half the job. It takes just as much time and effort to successfully drive traffic to a freshly built website, calling for a strategic approach that begins before its actual launch.

There are various activities that can help, but the following six often prove the most consistently effective across most niches and business areas:

1. Leverage Your Social Media Audiences

If you already have an established presence on any social platforms - which you should - use them to your advantage. Market your new website in the days down to its launch, then provide plenty of links and reminders to point people in the right direction. If they’re interested in you on social media, they will probably be interested in your website by extension.

2. Consider Paid Advertising

Paid ads (including PPC) can be a great way of kickstarting a new online business, or driving traffic to a new website. Promotional activities like PPC advertising are designed with short-term gains in mind - ideal for spreading the word and channelling traffic within a short space of time. Under the watch of an experienced marketing team, paid ads like PPC can also be surprisingly cost-effective.

3. Run Giveaways, Contests and Promotions

Anything that brings the prospect of a freebie into the mix cannot fail to create a buzz. Giveaways, contests and promotions have been used as high-impact marketing strategies for businesses since the dawn of time. Again, this is something you can use your social accounts (and all other online and offline platforms at your disposal) to advertise in the countdown to your new site’s launch.

4. Publish Guest Posts

Along with working wonders for your SEO strategy, guest posting provides the opportunity to tap into the established audiences of other publishers. Create quality content and submit it to as many high-profile outlets within your niche as possible - ideally with good readership levels to channel traffic your way.

5. Focus on Useful Content of the Highest Quality

SEO will play a dominant role in determining how much organic traffic reaches your website via the major search engines. Rather than focusing too heavily on SEO technicalities, it is far more effective to concentrate on creating useful content of the highest quality for your audience. A process that should start long before you launch a new website, enabling you to populate plenty of pages by the time it goes live.

6. Prioritise Gradual Gains and Long-Term Results

Last but not least, perseverance holds the key to making a success of any small business websites. Success stories are rarely written overnight, so you need to be ready for less-than-spectacular performance during those early days. If you continue to publish content of the highest quality and relevance, optimise your site and promote your website via as many channels as possible, you’ll soon be generating the traffic you need to achieve your objectives.