How to Attract (and Win) Generation Z Audiences

Many businesses and marketers worldwide see Generation Z as perhaps the most awkward and challenging demographic to appeal to. Irrespective of personal opinions, this group is well on its way to becoming the single largest and most lucrative living generation on the planet.

Hence, now’s the time to begin taking your Gen-Z marketing strategy a little more seriously.

To an extent, Generation Z follows in the footsteps of the millennial generation that preceded it. Particularly by way of its collective obsession with mobile technology, along with expectations of being able to get what it wants, when it wants it on a 24/7 basis.

Still, there are a few key differences between X and Y that should be taken into account by the future-focused marketer. So for those interested in attracting and winning Gen-Z audiences, here are a few tips on how to make it happen:

Use emotional intelligence to your advantage

Emotional intelligence can be a powerful thing – especially for modern consumer audiences. It’s basically a case of using psychology to get into the heads of your Gen Z prospects, creating emotional connections that naturally engage and nurture loyalty. Connect with them on an emotional level and you’re golden.

Focus on visuals

Like Generation X, Generation Z shows an enormous preference for visual content over traditional textual content. A powerful image accompanied by a hashtag often saying more than all the words in the English language ever could. Short, sharp and meaningful messages, delivered in striking visual formats – the key to hitting home with younger audiences.

Get influencers to spread the word

Most members of the Gen-Z crowd don’t believe a word you have to say. At least, not until someone they trust spreads the good word about whatever it is you do. Influencers have the power to transform the appeal of any product, service or brand at the snap of a finger. If you can get influencers to spread the word about your brand, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Show that you’re part of their community

Their priorities are your priorities, their concerns are your concerns – Gen-Z shows preference for those who become a part of their communities. It’s a case of ensuring your brand is seen less as a business and more as a personality. A responsible and proactive organisation that’s not exclusively interested in making money.

Monitor current trends and habits

Some would say it’s unfair to call Gen-Z a fickle generation, but it’s difficult to contest. Trends and fads are coming and going at a faster pace than ever before – today’s flavour of the month being yesterday’s news of tomorrow. If you want to use the latest trends to your advantage, you need to watch them like a hawk. Jump on the bandwagon a moment too late and you can kiss goodbye to your credibility.

Keep it real

Last but not least, the whole ‘bandwagon’ idea as outlined above needs to be approached with extreme caution. If Gen-Z suspects your pretending to be someone or something else just to win their approval, it’s game-over. Honest, openness and transparency win the day – faking it is no longer an option.