How to Boost your Email Marketing ROI

By now, you’ve probably heard of the potential for an email marketing strategy to deliver an exceptional ROI. All well and good, but what can you do to turn around an email campaign that’s currently failing to deliver?

As with most things, the answer differs from one business and strategy to the next. It depends entirely on what you are looking to accomplish with your emails, and who you’re targeting with them.

Nevertheless, there are several tried, tested and trusted techniques for enhancing the effectiveness of an email strategy. Whether just getting started or looking to improve the performance of an ongoing campaign, each of the following represents a good place to start:

1. Monitor Email Deliverability

First up, click-through rates and open rates typically take precedence in the eyes of email marketers. When in reality, deliverability is the most important metric of all. If your emails aren’t being received in the first place, nothing else matters.

If you’re failing to hit an acceptable inboxing rate, you need to think long and hard about why this may be the case. Chances are, it’s being caused by spam-trigger words, phrases or content in your subject lines or email body.

2.  Prioritise Mobile Audiences

Research suggests that anything from 50% to 70% of all emails are now read via mobile devices. Importantly, the numbers are only going to increase going forwards.

The time has come to show mobile audiences priority, penning every communication with mobile users in mind. Consider having a custom responsive email template produced on your behalf, while keeping things as brief and concise as possible for ‘at a glance’ consumption.

3. Use a Single CTA

A simple yet often overlooked tip - try sticking with just a single CTA in your emails. One of the problems with multiple CTAs is the way in which they can confuse the recipient as to what exactly the email is offering or promoting.

Even if the intention is clear, multiple CTAs can make a promotional email feel pushy and unappealing. A single CTA can be much more effective, giving a clear indication of the value proposition of the email and not coming across as too ‘salesy’ to be taken seriously.

4. Practice Good Email Segmentation

Unless you have just a handful of contacts who are practically identical, the importance of segmentation cannot be overstated. Segmentation and personalisation are essential to avoid the instant and instinctive deletion of your emails.

Each recipient should feel as if your email was written exclusively with their interests and priorities in mind. Just a single email loaded with content of no relevance to you personally can be enough to turn you off a brand/business permanently.

5. Take Risks with Your Subject Lines

Last up, taking the occasional risk with your subject lines is also worth considering. Shock value and humour can work wonders, if you manage to pull them off. Basically, anything that elicits an emotional response never fails to generate interest and engagement.

Of course, the downside is the potential for things to go catastrophically wrong.  This is therefore only a tactic to adopt if you are 100% convinced you know your target audience inside and out.