How To Build Your Business Through Facebook Page Promotion

For all the hype about its imminent demise and loss of dominance, Facebook is still the world’s biggest social network. Boasting around 3.05 billion MAUs as of 2024, it towers over the likes of Instagram with 2.04 billion, or TikTok with 1.22 billion.

Which of course adds up to neat-insurmountable competition for businesses like yours. Not to mention, all other brands looking to stand out with their FB Business Pages.

As for whether it’s really worth the effort these days, the short answer is yes…very much so. Not only does almost half the entire planet use Facebook, but the average user spends more than 18 hours a month browsing the app.

In both cases, no other site, platform or social network comes close.

Still, it’s not enough to just set up a Facebook Business Page, unleash it on the world and expect it to take care of itself. If you’re looking to reach, engage and hook new followers, a proactive approach is called for.

Here’s what you can do to promote your Facebook Page more effectively, and without spending a penny on paid marketing:

1. Give it a Personal Touch

What this means is giving your brand a human voice through your FB Page. Offer behind-the-scenes insights, showcase customer experiences, share stories, talk about your values and your journey. Show how what you do goes beyond just selling a product or service, and focus on what you know matters most to your target audience.

2. Make it Visually Appealing

Visual storytelling has become the foundation of all great social media presences. The idea is that you tell your audience as much as you can about your brand with the images and videos you share. At a glance – through everything from your logo to your colour scheme – they should see a cross-section snapshot of who you are, what you do, and what makes you different.

3. Engage Publicly With Your Community

Nobody likes a brand or business that treats things like a one-way street. What they expect (and demand) is an open, highly engaged entity that takes the time to listen to its audience, and converse openly. Precisely where the ‘social’ element of social media comes into play, and provides a great opportunity to build a positive brand image.

4. Use Facebook Stories and Facebook Live

Live streaming can be a fantastic way to build deeper connections with your target audience. The same can also be said for creating Facebook Stories, which have been shown to have a particularly high engagement rate. Both can be used to share updates, tell your story, and interact with your community on a more casual level.

5. Be Consistent

Lastly, the key to building and maintaining a successful social media presence is consistency. As a general rule of thumb, aim to post new content once or twice a day – ideally at around the same time. Your goal should be to provide a steady stream of engaging content of the same high-quality standard, which keeps them tuned in and coming back for more.