How to Convert Blog Readers Into Social Media Advocates

As a business entrepreneur, one of the most important functions of your company’s blog is to engage with customers and demonstrate your expertise. But it can be more than that: it can also be a powerful marketing tool for your social media campaign. But how does this work, you ask? Put simply, if your blog is handled in the right way you can use it to actively inspire readers to promote you on social media themselves. If you can do this, then a lot of your work is being done for you. It’s the ‘Pareto Principle’ in action – the idea that 80 per cent of your results can come from 20 per cent of input. But how do you put this into practice?

Ask Them: If you don’t ask, you don’t get! It’s true that people won’t share your blogs on social media if they’re not well-written and entertaining, but they may not think to do it at all unless they’re prompted. For this reason, make sure you explicitly encourage readers to share your posts if they like them and have the ‘share’ links clearly displayed. Don’t be shy about it – there’s no place for that in the online marketing world!

Targeted Content: With a blog, it’s not generally a good idea to write broad content that appeals to as wide an audience as possible. You may think that this guarantees a wider audience, but actually the opposite tends to be the case. There are so many blogs out there today, that people tend to want to read something that addresses specific problems they have or issues they are interested in. Highly generic content will not tend to be shared amongst your target audience.
In fact, if possible you should be working to develop a more ‘personal’ relationship with your readers by writing as though you were addressing just one person. Make sure you respond to any comments they make and really build up those relationships. Why not try emailing four of five of your best customers and encouraging them to interact with you on social media. If you get a good response, try the next five and so on.

Make It Entertaining: If you don’t already have them, then you need to develop your online content writing skills. No matter what industry you’re in – however dry it may seem to some people – there’s never any excuse for being boring. Writing online is all about being informal and relating to your audience in a different way. If your blog is fun, punchy and approaches your subject from a new angle then readers will be more likely to share it on their social media accounts because they think their own friends and followers will be interested. Which by extension makes them look good.