How To Create The Perfect Website Landing Page

Perhaps more than anything else, your landing page is what will sell your business online. It’s the first thing visitors to your website will see and, as we all know, people tend to make value judgements within seconds. Because of this, the page has to be immediately arresting. But even more than this, it has to be something that speaks for your company as a whole. As such it has to be efficient, informative and easy to navigate. Only then will visitors be converted into paying customers. Here are some steps to take to help you create that perfect page:

USP: The first thing you need to do, before you even consider the design of the page, is to work out what makes your company unique. Then you have to come up with a short statement or slogan that encapsulates this in such as way that it can be read in seconds. The idea is that it will draw visitors in and make them want to know more about you. This statement should be displayed in the most prominent place on your landing page so the eye is immediately drawn to it.

Call To Action: Your call to action is different from your USP as it tells visitors to your website what they need to do to benefit from the products you offer. Do they need to click on a certain link to buy the products? Are there any special discounts for first-time buyers and loyalty schemes they can opt into? Whatever it is, your landing page has to have very clear instructions on how to buy rather than just telling people what your products do. That’s how you convert casual visitors into paying customers.

Appealing Graphics: It’s not just about getting the text right – in order to stand out your landing page also has to be visually arresting. Bear in mind that images can communicate simple ideas just as well, if not better than, text. If you have a particularly attractive product then make sure you include pictures of these, and have you company logo prominently displayed as well. If your products themselves are not especially visually appealing then try to think about the kinds of people you are targeting and what kinds of images would attract them. For example, numerous case studies have shown that having pictures of smiling people on their landing page will often increase a company’s online conversation rates.

Build Trust: With so many online scammers operating today, people like to be sure they’re purchasing from a reputable business. If you have particularly good customer testimonials, quality certificates or are a member of a professional body then make sure you draw attention to this on your landing page. It will give visitors the reassurance they need to buy from you.