How to Get More Google Reviews For Your Business

Research shows a staggering 93% of consumers say that online reviews influence how much they spend and where they spend it.  Feedback – irrespective of whether it is good or bad – is just about the most valuable resource you can have as a business.

When it comes to influencing consumer behaviour, Google reviews pack the biggest bunch of all. This is pretty much the most powerful form of social proof you can get, used by millions of people as the primary basis of their spending decisions.

The issue is that unless you make the effort to go out and get it, you’ll never reap the full benefits of this particular goldmine. You might get a few scattered Google reviews here and there, but you’ll miss out on plenty more.

If you’re serious about stepping up your reputation management campaign starting right now, here are 10 things you need to do to start stacking up more Google reviews:

1. Enable Review Functionality

First things first, you need to ensure your business is listed on Google My Business. This lays the groundwork for customers to freely leave their reviews. Once your business is registered and verified, your reviews section is all set up for customers to share their experiences.

2. Just Ask

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is just ask people outright. A gentle reminder often goes a long way, as a lot of people who’d be happy to share their feedback simply forget to do so.

3. Streamline the Review Process

Most people will abandon planned efforts to submit reviews if they're forced to jump through hoops to do so.  Your job is to make it as quick and easy as possible for them to share their thoughts, with direct links to your review page and no unnecessary extras.

4. Don’t Resort to Fake Reviews

Tempting as it can be, loading your GMB profile with synthetic reviews could put you in harm’s way. Not only will they send entirely the wrong message to your target audience, but you could also find yourself facing a direct (and potentially harsh) Google penalty.

5. Gather Reviews on Other Platforms

Expand your review-gathering efforts to other sites relevant to your industry. The more places your business is talked about positively, the better. Reviews on other sites can also indirectly impact your business's visibility on Google.

6. Tackle Negative Feedback Head-On

Always take the time to address each negative review promptly and thoughtfully.  Make the effort to turn every negative into a positive, even if this means openly admitting your shortcomings and pledging to improve on them.

7. Link with QR Codes

Leverage the power of QR codes by creating one that links directly to your Google review page. Place it in your store, on business cards, or receipts, making leaving a review just a quick scan away.

8. Encourage Public Customer Stories

Asking your customers to share their stories publicly can be a great way to motivate more feedback and reviews. User-generated content in particular has the potential to be a hugely powerful motivational tool, particularly when shared on product pages or social media.

9. Add a Call-to-Action To Your Communications

Include a call-to-action (CTA) in your emails, it simply makes sense to add a strategic CTA to the communications you send out.  Ideally in the form of a button or clickable link, which takes them directly to your feedback page to keep things simple.

10. Give Reviews to Get Reviews

Remember – setting a positive example will always work in your favour.  If you want people to leave reviews for the benefit of your business, you need to do the same for them in return.  Particularly in the B2B sphere, sharing honest and useful feedback can be a great way to build relationships with other business owners and enhance your community presence.