How To Get Started With Video Marketing

The only statistic you really need to know as far as YouTube is concerned is as follows:

Each and every day, approximately 500 million hours of video footage are watched via this one service globally. Which when combined with the fact that video is also now universally recognised as the most powerful marketing medium of all further highlights its relevance.

The question being – how can you get started with video marketing for the first time for your own business?

It’s definitely a challenge for those with no existing experience or expertise.  Nevertheless, there are actually just a few things to bear in mind along the way, which can help ensure that your own video marketing campaign gets off to the best possible start.

Create a solid script
For example, the most important thing you’re going to need is a solid script. If you find yourself struggling in terms of subject matter and content, take a look at some of your most recent and most popular blog posts and consider which of these could be made into videos. This way, you will be able to choose a topic which you have already tested on your primary target audience and verified as effective. It’s just that once it has been turned into a video, you might be surprised how many more people then it appeals to.
As for the script itself, the secret to success lies in clarity. As is the case with killer content in general, you basically want to get your message out as concisely, clearly and in a few words as possible. Think of it a little as if you are making a presentation, focusing more on bullet points and headers than long and drawn-out speeches.

Presentation design
The most important thing to remember about presentation is that it doesn’t matter nearly as much as content. The simple fact of the matter is that you can produce the most beautifully presented video marketing clip in the world, but it will count for absolutely nothing without the quality content to back it up.  Visual prowess definitely matters, but should take something of a backseat to the overall content of the clip.
Consistency is also important when it comes to producing effective and influential video clips. Whatever overall colour palette you decide to go with, you need to ensure you stick with it not only now, but also with all future clips you record and publish.

Appropriate narration
Last but not least, once again the key to success when it comes to narration lies in simplicity and clarity. Contrary to popular belief, you yourself as a matter of whatever it is you do may not necessarily represent the ideal candidate for providing the narration.
If you do decide to go ahead and use your own voice, be sure not to overlook the importance of editing and generally polishing-up the quality of the final piece. In addition, always preview both the video and the narration to at least a few impartial parties, before going ahead and making the final piece public.