How To Increase Email Signup Rates By Up To 90%

We live in an age where scepticism regarding the intentions of brands has descended into outright paranoia. Consumers are increasingly unwilling to share their private information with businesses, unless it is absolutely necessary for them to do so.

From fear of identity theft to disdain with the usual mass marketing tactics, we all like to keep a close eye on our data in this day and age.

All of which can make it difficult to motivate new and prospective customers to join your email list. Even if you have no intention of bombarding them with hard-sell marketing messages, that’s more or less what they expect.

Promises of personalised offers and information on products they may be interested in typically fall on deaf ears. But when it comes to getting something tangible out of the deal, it seems even a small incentive can grease the wheels like nothing else.

Token Gifts Go a Long Way

A recent study conducted by Google in conjunction with Boston Consulting Group found that a whopping 90% of consumers would be willing to hand over their e-mail addresses in return for a small incentive.

Even something as small as a free sample or token discount on a future purchase can be all it takes to add them to your list.

For several years, businesses have found themselves facing heightened scrutiny over their entitlement to collect, store, use and share their customers’ data. All the while, consumers have been forced to contend with wall-to-wall scare stories about the horrors happening to their data behind the scenes.

Many of which are, of course, entirely true.

The whole thing has led to an era where - in stark contrast to popular belief - the goals of businesses and consumers are fairly well aligned. Both parties want to build more meaningful, trusting and beneficial relationships, based on positive experiences and mutual benefit.

Something which, according to the research conducted, can be kick started with even the simplest incentive.

Willingness To Share Data

The research carried out by Google found that almost a third of consumers will still sign up to email lists with no incentive on the table. But with something as simple as a discount up for grabs, the figure increases to around 90%.

This is actually quite remarkable, when considering how the same approximate 30% of consumers have a broad mistrust for all brands in general.  Something which, according to Google, is attributed almost entirely to widespread concern that personal data is being sold without its owners’ consent.

“And while almost 60% of customers believe that companies are selling their data, our research found that very few brands do that,” Google commented.

Marketers understand the value of data and the trust their customers place in them — and how customer-centric, data-driven marketing unlocks significant gains across business objectives.”

Hence, logic dictates that when a customer trusts a brand, they are far more likely to share their personal information. Though it also appears that establishing trust with customers can be as simple as throwing a token incentive into the mix, when looking to add them to your e-mail list.