How To Increase The Viral Opportunity Of Your Blog And Content

Unfortunate it may be, but going viral on the world’s biggest social platforms isn’t something you can count on. There’s no silver-bullet solution for ensuring your content goes viral, meaning trial, error and experimentation will always play a role.

On the plus side, get it right with just one piece of viral content and the resulting exposure can be extraordinary. A single viral post often being enough to reach thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people in a short space of time.

Going viral also has the very real potential to make you a literal overnight superstar - as proved by countless ‘one hit wonders’ on YouTube and elsewhere.

Still, the fact that you can’t guarantee your content will go viral doesn’t mean it isn’t worth pushing things in the right direction. There’s plenty you can do to boost the chances of your content going viral - a few examples of which being as follows:

1. Focus On High Quality Content Over Marketing

Marketing plays a major role in going viral. If you want your content to go viral, you need to market it to the right people and start the so-called snowball effect. However, all the strategic and precise marketing in the world isn’t going to help, if the content itself isn’t absolutely awesome. Hence, prioritising high quality content over the marketing process is a good place to start.

2. Get to Know Your Audience

Take a look back at your most successful and popular posts to date. Identify what they have in common and when they struck a chord with your audience.  Gradually build a picture of what resonates with your audience and ensure this is the primary focus for any posts you’d like to see go viral.

3. Bring Influencers on Board

Nobody can grease the wheels where viral content is concerned quite like a relevant influencer. Simply by getting one influential face or voice to say something positive or simply share your content with their followers, viral potential is almost guaranteed. Particularly if you convince an influencer with thousands of followers to share your content with their audience, a chain reaction is inevitable.

4.  Establish Collaborations

Just as long as they are not your direct competitors, you can always ask others within your niche to promote your content, in return for doing the same for them. Forming collaborative promotional networks can be a great way of reaching audiences you’d otherwise have had no realistic way of sharing your content with.

5. Keep it Current

Yesterday’s news never, ever goes viral. Content only goes viral when those sharing it are convinced they’ve come across something that’s not yet common knowledge. It’s a little like being in the privileged position to share a secret - something that’s not quite as exciting if you’re aware everybody has already found out.

6. Keep It Short and To the Point

Last up, viral content is almost always short and punchy. The kind of thing that can be digested and assimilated at a glance, as opposed to taking the time to read and analyse in-depth. Keep your content and posts as short and to the point as possible, ensuring the whole thing can be digested in 10 seconds at the most.