How To Increase Your Email Newsletter Sign Ups

There is little more demotivating than a fantastic email newsletter nobody reads. If the newsletters you are investing tirelessly in are only reaching a handful of people, it’s all for nothing.

Or at least, the likelihood of your efforts generating a meaningful ROI are minimal.

The trouble is, evidence suggests that many (if not most) publishers take a passive approach to email newsletter distribution. They write fantastic newsletters, they fire them out to a bunch of people and that’s that.

These days, the fact that you need a person’s consent can make it difficult to pull together a meaningful subscriber list. But there are still plenty of things you can do to grease the wheels and get more eyes on your newsletters.

Rather than leaving your communications to their own devices and hoping for the best, here’s how to draw more attention to your email newsletters starting today:

1. Use more than one sign-up form

First up, make it as easy as possible for visitors to your website to subscribe to your newsletter. Rather than having just a single subscription form, consider encouraging sign-ups in several different places.

In addition, the strategic use of popups can also help. Infuriating they may be, but they work - some studies indicating an almost 1,400% increase in email sign-ups by using popups in careful moderation.

2. Showcase your newsletters elsewhere

Another effective option for getting more sign-ups us to showcase choice snippets of your newsletters in high-traffic locations. Social media being the obvious choice, where you can post teasers of the ‘exclusives’ and so on to be featured in your next newsletter.

Social media is perhaps the best place to leverage people’s fear of missing out. If they see something other people are reading which may have some form of value, they’ll want it. Of course, the more engaging your social media content is, the easier it will be to get them to sign up.

3. Mention your newsletters in your content

Speaking of which, plugging your newsletters at every available opportunity is also essential. Blog posts, guest posts, social media posts, interviews, Q&As, video content, emails - all perfect opportunity to encourage people to check out your newsletters.

Always remember that the key to getting more subscribers on board lies in communicating the value of your newsletters. Or to put it another way, making it clear how they stand to benefit from signing up.

4. Encourage subscribers to spread the word

Last up, anyone who’s currently reading your newsletters on a regular basis clearly approves of them. In which case, they may be more than happy to recommend you and your content to their own contacts.

This is where a gentle reminder or two can go a long way. Rather than waiting for them to spread the word instinctively, ask them to do so directly. Tell them how much you appreciate their readership and how you’d be delighted for them to recommend you to their family, friends, colleagues, employees and so on.