How To Increase Your Shareable Content On Instagram

By now, you’ve probably except that the fact that there’s no secret recipe for ‘guaranteed’ viral content.  To an extent, you have no control whatsoever over what does and doesn’t go viral.

That said, there’s nothing to stop you from proactively increasing how shareable or otherwise your social posting is.  The question is – what type of visual content is most shareable on Instagram?

By taking into account the most heavily-shared content among the platform’s 500 million active monthly users over recent months, the answer would appear to be – any and all of the following:

1. Inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes have the potential to be…well, inspirational.  Even if they’re not the first thing that comes to mind for your own business venture, they’re extremely high-impact and shareable when used strategically.

2. Human faces

Not just pictures of people, or rather close-ups of human faces.  It’s all about creating a personal connection with the reader and appealing to their emotions.  For obvious reasons, the emotion displayed by the human face in question can make all the difference to the meaning and impact of the post.

3. Landscapes and scenery

Everybody likes to come across a stunning picture of a landscape, or the kind of scenery that’s no less than breathtaking. With today’s smartphone camera technology, prize-worthy landscape and scenery photography are well within the reach of just about anyone.

4. Food and drink

Millions of people couldn’t even think about tucking into their next meal, without first sharing a picture of it. Arty and enticing pictures of food and drink never fail to perform well on Instagram.

5. Historical photos

The key to success when it comes to historical photos is providing something that makes the audience think. Something of relevant and genuine interest to the reader – ideally something they won’t already have seen elsewhere.

6. User-generated content

In this instance, it’s a case of asking those who use your products and services to take pictures and share videos of them in action. Think GoPro – a company that bases every one of its marketing campaigns on footage provided by users of its products.

7. Animals

Note that this says animals, rather than just cats.  Animal lovers worldwide like nothing more than finding and sharing entertaining and inspirational pictures of all animals – it’s not only about cats. Precisely why national geographic has one of the most successful Instagram accounts on the face of the earth.

8. Behind-the-scenes

Customers inherently like to see who it is they’re doing business with behind the scenes.  Or for that matter, exactly how your business operates and what makes you tick.

9. Current trends

It’s hard to stay on top of trends in real time. And even when you do, they tend to have an extremely short expiration date.  Nevertheless, real-time trends can be great for capitalising on the flavour of the month – whatever it happens to be.

10. Video clips

Last but not least, short video clips are becoming increasingly powerful and impactful across all social media platforms across the board.  The key is to ensure that the video contains shareable content/material of some kind and its length is kept to an absolute minimum.