How To Maintain A Loyal Customer Base

If you want to ensure steady business growth then it’s essential you know not only how to win new customers, but how to keep hold of them. It’s easy enough to get somebody to buy from you once if you lure them in with special offers and so on.

But if they have a bad experience with or the product isn’t up to standard you can wave goodbye to them almost immediately.All your marketing energy, in this case, will be taken up with bringing in more and more one-off sales, which uses up far more resources.

So follow these tips to help you maintain a long-term customer relationships:

Loyalty Programmes: If you want your customers to stay with you, give them something that rewards them for doing so. The easiest way to do this is to offer customer loyalty cards which translate into free products or series once they have amassed enough points. You can use the more old-fashioned coupons or, as many companies are now doing, use loyalty apps. Whichever you choose, this type of incentive has been shown to work again and again.

Email Marketing: When it comes to ecommerce, email is one of the most tried-and-tested ways of maintaining a solid relationship with your customers. You should produce and send out regular newsletters informing them of the latest developments at your company and any special offers. If you want to go one step further you could set up a more sophisticated email marketing system and targets each customer’s specific priorities. As with any relationship, if they feel you understand their needs they are more likely to want to stay with you. Think about ‘surprising’ them every now and then with free gifts as well – something to remind them of why they choose your company over others.

Be Responsive: If a customer comes to you with a complaint – whether that is below-par service, a faulty product or late delivery – you should respond to it as soon as you can. Accept responsibility – it’s not worth losing a valued customer over a small dispute – and offer an immediate refund if necessary. This is how you build up trust over time.

Social Media: Lastly, if you haven’t already you should think about embracing platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to stay in contact with your customers on a more informal level. Use them to start discussions, link to useful articles, hold competitions or inform them of new promotions. Social media encourages dialogue and makes customers feel as though they are part of a ‘community’. If they feel like this, they are far more likely to stick around.