How To Market Your Business On You Tube

By now, you probably know just how effective video marketing can be. You also probably know how popular YouTube is, and how businesses from around the world are taking full advantage of it.

But when it comes to smaller brands and new business start-ups, knowing where to start with YouTube can be tricky. You know it’s an immensely powerful communication platform, but how can you bring video marketing into your small business strategy?

The answer - in more ways than you might think, some of which can be surprisingly straightforward.

For example:

1. Publish How-To Videos and Tutorials

First up, this can be a great way of both demonstrating your authority and promoting your products. Tutorials and how-to are immensely popular on YouTube. Content that introduces the viewer to new skills or knowledge of relevance to their interests is always well received.

You could therefore take the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with your target audience, while showing them how your products work. Or more specifically, how their lives stand to be improved by purchasing your products.

2. New Product or Service Introductions

YouTube can also be a fantastic platform for unveiling new products or announcing new services. Each time you launch something new of any kind, it simply makes sense to make a song and dance about it.

A YouTube product unveiling is always more engaging and appealing than a simple textual announcement. Even more so with the strategic use of teaser videos, in the run up to the grand launch of your new product.

3. User Generated Content

UGC can be so much more engaging and influential than any content you shoot and publish yourself. A great way of making use of UGC is to invite your customers to submit their own video reviews, tutorials, how-to videos and so on.

When viewers see your products and services being used in the real world, they’re far more likely to take an interest in them. Likewise, recommendations and positive reviews from real customers are likely to be trusted more than your own endorsements.

4. Produce Q&A Videos

This is where over the course of a few weeks, you ask your customers and viewers to submit their questions via your social channels. After which, you produce a Q&A video, during which you both thank them for their questions and provide knowledgeable answers.

This can be great for making your target audience feel valued, while letting them know you’re listening to them. It can also be pure gold for gaining insights into what your customers want and how to improve the products/or services you provide.

5. Introduce the People Behind the Scenes

Last up, taking the opportunity to show the human face behind your business comes highly recommended. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, of which few are more effective than behind-the-scenes video clips.

Introduce your team, show them what goes on at your workplace and get them a taste of your brand’s unique personality. Share stories, tell them what makes you tick and make every effort to humanise your brand.