How To Market Your Business On YouTube

There is nothing more effective than strong visual content for getting your company’s message across.And these days, it is easier than ever to produce and share video content with your customers through global platforms such as YouTube.The tricky part is actually getting people to see and respond to it, and this is where the marketing techniques come into play. If you are considering marketing your business on YouTube but aren’t sure how to get the best results, here are some things to bear in mind:

Choosing The Content: Before you start thinking about the finer details, decide what type of video you are going to make. There are many tried –and-tested methods for bringing new business to your company. Tutorials are always popular, whereby you show your viewers how to perform a task related to your company’s area of expertise. If you have a new product you want to showcase then an entertaining product demo can be a good way to build up interest. It’s also a good idea to have a general video that will act as an introduction to you and your company. You might also consider making a montage of testimonials from happy customers as this is an excellent way to build trust in your brand.

Get The Title Right: The title of your clip is not only there to draw people in – it’s also there to perform an SEO function. Make sure, therefore, that it has several elements to it: your keywords first (these are the popular search terms your customers might use), followed by a snappy title and then the name of yourself or your company (i.e. your branding). Try to keep it as short as possible so it won’t be truncated which can reduce the likelihood of click-throughs.

Description Is Key: Your description, the words that will be displayed in search, basically function as your call to action – something every online marketing strategy has to include. It makes sense to include the same keywords you used in your title as these are what your customers will be searching for. You should also make sure to incorporate your URL in your description to encourage viewers to visit your site. It helps if you can offer them some kind of enticement for once they get there, such as a special offer or trial of your products.

Add Annotations: These are small pieces of text that can be displayed on different parts of your video and are used to draw attention to important elements. They can also function as a second call to action aside from your description (see above). These can include speech bubbles, popup boxes, labels and so on. Use the format that works best with the style of your video but make sure you use annotations sparingly and to good effect: don’t just splash them all the way through your video. Remember that often less is more.