How To Use Instagram To Promote & Market Your Business

Instagram Stories came out of nowhere to become a success story nobody saw coming. From niche feature to an everyday essential for more than 250 million publishers, Instagram Stories are a big deal.

What’s more, get it right and Instagram Stories can also be a high-impact marketing tool for almost any business.

It’s simply a case of coming up with something original, engaging and of value to your customers - a few ideas for which being as follows:

1.  Provide Behind the Scenes Look

First up, one of the best ways of engaging customers and building trust in a brand is to take your target audience behind the scenes. Rather than showing them nothing but your brand’s digital façade, why not give them a closer look at what goes on in the everyday life of your business and its workers?

Even just a quick snippet as some kind of visual reference can make a real difference.

2.  Present Exclusive Offers

A great way of ensuring people tune into your Instagram Stories on a regular basis is to use them to present exclusive offers and time limited discounts.  Simply by sharing coupon codes and privileged information regarding special offers, you’re far more likely to motivate people to come back for more.

There’s every chance these discount codes will then be shared broadly by those who tune into your Instagram Stories, which is anything but a bad thing.

3.  Show the Human Side of Your Brand

Use your Instagram Stories to give your audience the opportunity to get to know the people behind your brand. Regularly involve your staff members in the content you publish, allowing them to be creative with their contributions and showcase their personalities.

Bringing variety to your Instagram Stories is essential, and getting your staff members to contribute is a great way of making it happen. While at the same time, showing the human side of your brand and boosting your credibility as a whole.

4. Conduct Polls and Survey

Across the social media landscape in general, the key to nurturing engagement lies in giving people a reason to engage. Polls and surveys are a great way of making it happen, encouraging your followers to get involved and share their opinions on whatever subjects you care to discuss.

Polls and surveys can be surprisingly engaging and impactful, even if there’s no tangible incentive in the traditional sense. They can also be great for gathering feedback and opinions on new products, services and offers, prior to finalising and launching them.

5. Share User Generated Content

Last but not least, sharing user-generated content is one of the best ways of keeping your content fresh, original and engaging. As an added bonus, it also sends a strong message about the respect and appreciation you have for your audience, along with the extent to which you value its thoughts and opinions.

The added bonus with user-generated content is that someone else does the hard work on your behalf! All you have to do is encourage others to take part - anyone who’s willing to share their thoughts, ideas and personalities with the rest of your followers.