Ideas On How To Improve Your Website Conversion Rates & Sales

Driving masses of traffic to your primary landing pages by no means guarantees positive results. Unless a sizeable proportion of these visitors convert, it’s all for nothing.

While landing pages are unique, all great landing pages share several common characteristics. Hence, if you’re looking to gain the maximum value from your landing pages (and those who visit them), here are 8 things that need to be prioritised:

1.  Establish Credibility Immediately

First up, you need to ensure that within a matter of seconds, the visitors implicitly trust you and have no reason to think you’re amateurish in any way.  This means doing what it takes to make sure your landing pages are immaculate and impressive at a glance, winning the trust of the visitors the moment the page loads up.

2.  Remove All Popups

There’s a time and a place for popups - the moment visitors arrive on your landing pages isn’t it. Anything that distracts them, annoys them or comes across as a simple hard-sales tactic at this early stage will almost always send them in the opposite direction.

3.  Prominently Position Social Signals

Star ratings, snippets of reviews, associations, recommendations - more or less anything that sings the praises of your business through other people’s voices. Don’t get so carried away as to make the whole thing look tacky, but be sure to strategically position snippets and social signals around your landing pages to enhance their appeal.

4.  Make Your Intentions Clear

The visitor has arrived on your landing page with a clear intention in mind. Now, it’s your turn to quickly clarify your intention - i.e. what you can do for them and how you intend to do it. Again, it should be clear in an instant what you can offer them and why you’re right for the job. Nothing ambiguous and no unnecessary complications.

5.  Publish Your Contact Details Clearly

Just as soon as your landing page loads, the customer should clearly be able to see your contact details and get in touch with ease. This means making sure your telephone number, email address and live-chat button (where applicable) are all right there in front of them. If you make it necessary for them to visit a separate page just for your contact details, they may not bother.

6.  Include Bullet Points

Most visitors want to find out as much as possible about whatever they are interested in as quickly as possible. In which case, bullet points can be your best friends - easy-to-read lists of features and selling points, clarifying how they stand to benefit if they go ahead and convert.

7.  Reassure Them

It’s also essential to make it clear that you’re a safe place for them to spend their money. Whether it’s a warranty, a free trial, a money-back guarantee or a fantastic returns policy, ensure it is clearly communicated as quickly as possible.

8.  Focus on Performance

Last but not least, it is also essential to ensure that every aspect of your website operates like a dream at all times. Your landing pages should load up within a couple of seconds, your navigation system should be fluid and it should be easy as possible to transition from one part of your website to the next. The importance of the quick and easy checkout process also cannot be overstated.