Is Podcasting a Good Thing To Do For a Small Business?

In the era of all-things on-demand, consumers expect to get their hands on what they want, exactly when they want it. Real-time consumption of media at the time it is published just isn’t the norm anymore. We record and save TV shows, access streaming media and generally expect the world to revolve around our hectic schedules.

All of which explains why the once-humble podcast remains a surprisingly powerful and potentially-effective marketing tool. Particularly for smaller businesses with limited marketing budgets, a quality podcast really can prove a worthy venture.

So for those who’ve yet to consider this ‘alternative’ approach to digital marketing, here’s a look at five reasons what you might want to bring podcasting into the mix:

1. Get intimate with your audience

First up, podcasts give you the opportunity to talk directly to your audience using your own voice. A far cry from the more generic marketing materials and promotional tactics favoured by most businesses, podcasts are a little like having a personal (albeit) one-way conversation with your customer. This far more intimate approach to communication can be so much more effective, influential and capable of building more meaningful bonds.

2. Competition is minimal

Despite the proven benefits of podcasting, comparatively few small businesses are yet to give it a go. This means that for the time being at least, you’ll have pretty much the entire playground to yourself. Podcasting is still relatively unexplored, meaning that whatever approach you take, you’re almost guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. While at the same time providing your customers with something they aren’t already being offered elsewhere.

3. The possibilities are endless

Podcasting can be used to achieve just about anything you can think of. Inform customers about your latest products and services, talk about your backstory and general ethos, discuss the latest news, share interviews and industry insights – whatever you think will resonate with your audience. Whichever angle you take, it’s almost guaranteed to have the desired effect.

4. It’s cheap and easy to organise

Cutting corners on quality is inadvisable – poor sound quality and generally poor production won’t do your professional image much good. Nevertheless, it’s not as if it’s difficult or expensive these days to lay down high-quality audio.  Chances are, you’ve already got everything you need – perhaps shy of a decent microphone. Just as long as you’ve got the voice for it therefore, it’s usually incredibly cheap and easy to record and publish a small business podcast.

5. You can get the whole team involved

Last but not least, podcasts provide the perfect opportunity to get the rest of your workforce involved, adding a dynamic range of voice (and perhaps opinions) to the material you publish. The potential value of giving your audience an in-depth look/listen into how you do business and the people who make it happen simply cannot be overstated. What’s more, initiatives like these can also be hugely motivating and enjoyable for the workforce.