Some Non SEO Traffic Boosting Ideas

In most instances, businesses looking to boost traffic to their websites instinctively turn to SEO. Get it right with an effective SEO strategy and prominent SERP rankings really can make all the difference.

But what about the alternatives to SEO that can likewise deliver a healthy and ongoing traffic-boost?

With competition for the top spot at an all-time high, it could be worth considering the following non-SEO tactics to complement your strategy:

1.  Guest blogging

First up, a great way of accomplishing multiple goals in one fell swoop is to get into guest blogging. Publish quality content on other people’s blogs and you’re looking at an immediate boost to your credibility, authority and reach. All of which guarantees improved website traffic as a result. And if all this wasn’t enough, guest blogging can also contribute positively to your wider SEO strategy.

2.  Get serious with social media

By getting serious, we mean investing as much time and effort as necessary to build a powerful and influential presence on social media. You can resort to paid social ads if you like, but it can be just as effective to channel customers to your website organically. Position yourself as an influential and knowledgeable leader in your field on social media and the rest takes care of itself naturally.

3.  Give email marketing a try

Don’t for one minute underestimate the potential power, influence and effectiveness of email marketing. Successful email marketing can be a tough nut to crack, but is nonetheless capable of delivering a quite incredible ROI.  Personalisation is typically the key to a successful email marketing campaign, along with a continuous programme of A/B testing. Nevertheless, hit the nail on the head with an email marketing campaign and it could work wonders for both your website traffic and your reputation.

4.  Provide a rich mix of media

Always remember that today’s web user expects and demands enjoyable, engaging and entertaining experience. Present them with nothing but block after block of unbroken text and you can’t expect to attract and retain their interest.  By contrast, more than 75% of marketers say that incorporating video content in a website has a direct impact on traffic volumes. Video content has proven to be particularly effective over recent years, though be sure to mix things up with other types of visual content too.

5.  Paid advertising

Last but not least, one guaranteed way of driving more traffic to your website is to invest in paid advertising. Businesses are often put off by the idea of paying top-dollar for prominent ads in prestigious locations online, but it’s worth considering what you stand to get out of the deal. Particularly should you go ahead and invest in a PPC campaign, where you only pay for the clicks you receive. Particularly when looking for a quick-fix (though perhaps temporary) traffic-boost, PPC platforms like Google AdWords are well worth checking out.