Three SEO Reasons to Start a Business Blog

From an online marketing perspective, starting a business blog comes truly recommended.Especially when it comes to enhancing your online position as an authority in your field, it is impossible to really say too many good things about quality blogging. Nonetheless, what is often overlooked is the way a well-run business blog could benefit your SEO strategy in 3 important ways. This means that for anyone trying to climb the search rankings and gain a more prominent position, the value of launching a business blog really can’t be overstated.

Here are 3 guaranteed ways a blog will take your online marketing strategy to a higher level:

More Ranking Opportunities

Firstly, search engine spiders always take into account all individual pages of your site. This means that the greater number of web pages you have featuring quality content, the more likely one of these pages will be shown prominently for targeted search keywords and queries. The simple fact is that when it comes to search engine optimisation, there is no such thing as too much quality content on your website. Considering that a business blog provides the perfect opportunity to continually expand your website, not starting a business blog can prove to be a costly mistake.

Inbound Links

Quality blog posts can also significantly increase the chance of earning backlinks from premium third parties and service providers. If you publish posts that are unique, valuable and ultimately shareable, it is very possible that those that read them will decide to publish backlinks of their own accord. Naturally, there is also the chance of approaching those in your own industry and requesting links directly. In any instance, you’re far more likely to gain quality backlinks to your blog content than to the static content of your whole website.

The Freshness Factor

Lastly, all major search engines show strong preference to sites that are regularly updated and provide “fresh” content as standard. They will give favour to sites that strive for on-going improvement and try to provide their audience with a constant stream of unique and useful content. Therefore, considering the fact that this is impossible to do with your website’s static content, it makes sense to start a business blog. Get it right and you will satisfy the requirements of the search engines, while also improving your popularity and profile among your audience as a whole.

Naturally, these benefits will only apply in cases where a blog is handled proactively, strategically and given enough priority. It is not simply a case of throwing random content out on a regular basis and waiting for it to gain any real traction. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to invest the needed time and efforts – or delegate to those who can handle things professionally – a quality business blog could be worth its weight in gold.