Using Digital Marketing To Reach A Wider Audience

The great thing about the Internet is that it puts both small, newer businesses and large multinationals on a more equal footing.Whereas before a start-up would have to begin by serving local clients and only expand regionally or overseas when they were able to physically increase their presence, today they can reach a global audience immediately by establishing a web presence.But this doesn’t mean it’s easy: you can’t get the attention of potential clients online unless you understand how digital works.

Here are just some of the things you can do to build a really effective strategy:

Establish Your Website: Obviously, you can’t reach a wider online audience if you don’t have an online base. Your website is your calling card – it’s part of what you will build your reputation on – so you need to take your time getting it just right. It should be as simple as possible: don’t clutter it up with unnecessary graphics or pop-ups as this will just put visitors off. But above all, ensure it functions well and is easy to use – particularly when it comes to online check-outs if you sell your products directly from your website.
SEO Strategy: Search engine optimisation is essential if you want your website to achieve maximum visibility. Part of this is understand which keywords are most relevant to your business and using them in your web content, blogs and so on. But SEO is far more complex than this nowadays and methods change very frequently. If you really want to get on top of this it might be best to hire a digital marketing expert, at least initially, to help you get started.
International Appeal: If you really want to reach a wider audience then clearly it stands to reason that you must ensure that your website is internationally friendly. To do this, think about creating multiple version of the site in different languages to really enhance your visibility. Not only will this help to boost your global customer base, it will also help to establish your reputation as a customer-friendly business. In order to expand your outreach even further you should also ensure your site is optimised for mobile devices so people can browse it on-the-go wherever they are in the world.
Use Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are free tools so you really should be using them as much as you can to draw attention to your business online. Social media is rapidly expanding beyond developed countries so if you’re hoping to break into markets such as India or Brazil this is a powerful tool in your arsenal. Remember that the companies which have been most successful on social media are those that focus on providing engaging content and encourage interaction. You should never use them simply to push your products: if you do, your followers will soon desert you and your brand credibility may suffer.