What Checks Should I Make Before Launching My Wesbsite?

When launching a new website, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by all those essential last minute checks. It all seems to be in order, but taking the time for one last inspection is always advisable.

There’s really no such thing as being too careful, so it’s worth taking the ‘fine tooth comb’ approach one final time. Specifically, these are the eight things it is essential to triple-check, before letting your website go live:

1. Your Homepage

Above all else, your home page needs to deliver a killer first impression. Along with its basic functionality, consider how it will be interpreted within a split second when your customers pay you a visit. If it’s not immediately engaging with a clear value proposition, it may need to be reworked.

2. Navigation System

You also need to show that every aspect of your navigation system is working properly. Links pointing to the right pages, absolutely no broken links, buttons that work properly and so on. It should also be as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

3. All On-Page Content

It takes time, but it is essential to go through (literally) every word of content on your website. Look for any issues with the quality or relevance of the text, while considering the way it is presented. Anything you come across that you are not 100% happy with should be removed or replaced.

4. Submission Forms

If there are any submission forms on your website, make sure they actually work. Check that each of the fields functions as it should, make sure the correct error messages are presented if data is entered erroneously and verify that the information submitted is being received and recorded properly on your end.

5. Checkout Process

If running an ecommerce business, test and retest the transaction process for the various different payment methods you accept. Make sure the checkout process is as smooth and simple as possible, removing all unnecessary delays, complications and barriers to successful payment.

6. Social Buttons

Embedding social buttons on your website is essential, but so too is verifying they actually work. The same also applies for social sharing functions on newsletters, blogs and elsewhere, which should all work properly and point to the right pages.

7. Device Compatibility

Never make the mistake of simply assuming that your website will work as it should across all device types. Test your site from top to bottom using as many different mobile devices and browsers as you can, before it goes live. While doing so, note any discrepancies or issues you encounter, ensuring they are addressed accordingly.

8.  Contact Information

Finally, check that your contact details are clearly visible on all prominent pages of your website - not hidden away somewhere in the back. In addition, it’s useful to check one last time that the contact details you have provided are up to date and accurate.