What Makes a Website Great?

Today, we will attempt to answer one of the crucial questions in the world of web marketing:
What separates good websites from the genuinely great websites?
Now, it is a tricky subject to nail considering the way in which the large majority of people have their personal preferences and priorities in terms of what matters. Nonetheless, there are a few elements and important touches that can take any website of any type to a much higher level.
So, if you think you have a good website and would like to see it reach true greatness, here is a short overview of several tips to help you along the way:

Original, Credible Content
First up, you can’t expect your website to truly stand out as great if there’s nothing that can distinguish it from what everyone else does. It is one thing to redistribute, collaborate and share quality content, but in fact coming up with unique content of credibility all by yourself is a completely different thing. The moment you offer your target audience something they can’t find anywhere else is the moment they will make the decision to come back for more.

Consistent Personality
Both of the words carry equal value. First up, you absolutely need to establish, promote and build the personality of your brand – a personality that will resonate with your target audience and will be appropriate for whatever it is you do. However, just as important is consistency – as in making sure that this personality shines through everything you do at all times. You want your visitors to feel as if they’re dealing with a human being, not web coding.

Comprehensive Ease of Use
This specific point in fact extends to a couple of considerations, including everything from navigation systems to site speed to the presentation and layout of your website’s content. Put simply, your website as a whole needs to be incredibly easy to use and navigate by visitors almost on an instinctive basis. Trying to change or “expand the horizons” of your visitors will only ever drive them away.

Frequent and Useful Updates
Not to the overall website design, but rather its content. Whatever line of business you happen to be in, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t dedicate a nice proportion of your website to publishing the latest updates, news, interesting articles, your own ideas and so on. Rather than landing on the same page of content every time, think a bit more dynamically and offer them something fresh to come back for.

Subtle SEO
The marks of a quality SEO strategy are hidden elements and quantifiable results. Or in other words, your search engine optimisation strategy should produce the desired effect, but without becoming apparent to the visitors that your website is in fact optimised for the search engines.

Social Proof
Last up, there’s basically nothing that you can offer your customers or visitors that will carry as much weight as the voice of their fellow visitors. From ratings to reviews to recommendations to testimonials to video clips of customers actually using your products or services, all the marketing spiel in the world can’t compare to just a few words from an honest, everyday person.