Why Email Newsletters Are Uniquely Powerful Tools

Ask businesses to name their most powerful marketing tools and chances are none of them would say it’s their email newsletter.
Even if they actively send newsletters to their subscribers on a regular basis, they’d probably argue they’re somewhat limited in terms of power and appeal.

In reality, strategic distribution of email newsletters can be uniquely effective and influential. Particularly when used in conjunction with additional marketing tools and promotional standards, email newsletters are not to be underestimated.

For those who need a little more convincing, here’s a quick rundown of just a few reasons why email newsletters can be uniquely powerful marketing tools:

They’re cheap

First of all, email marketing in general can be incredibly cost-effective.  Particularly for smaller businesses with limited marketing budgets, which have the option of creating more personalised emails and distributing them manually.

Unbeatable ROI

A recent study found that the average ROI for effective email marketing campaign is somewhere in the region of 4,000%. A figure that towers over the average ROI attached to some of the more ‘contemporary’ approaches to marketing and advertising. Whatever you invest in your email newsletters, you stand to make it back – several times over.

Share stories

Newsletters also provide businesses with the perfect opportunity to share personal stories with their subscribers. Rather than keeping things strictly business, newsletters can be used to open up the personal side of your business to those you’re looking to influence. The power of storytelling having no limitations when it comes to younger audiences in particular.

Announce new products and services

The average consumer these days is instinctively programmed to ignore and avoid most marketing materials. Primarily due to the fact that we’re all exposed to thousands of them, every single day. By contrast, slip ‘helpful’ information regarding new products and services into otherwise engaging newsletters and the information is far more likely to be assimilated and considered.

Build credibility and authority

Creating informative and engaging newsletters of the highest quality can also be a great way of building a sense of credibility and authority regarding your brand. It’s the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how knowledgeable and generally capable you are in your field, sharing your wisdom and expertise with those most important to you. Once again, this is the kind of thing that goes over and above all other examples of advertising in terms of influence and engagement.

They can be recycled

Last but not least, it’s worth remembering that the content you produce for your newsletters can be recycled in all manner of shapes and forms. If you operate a number of social media accounts for example, you can take snippets, images and pretty much anything you like from your newsletters and publish it elsewhere. All while providing links back to your primary landing pages, resulting in a significant traffic-boost. If the content you produce is of sufficient quality, why not share it with the world?