Why Hiring a Smaller Digital Marketing Agency Could Benefit Your Business

It’s natural to assume that the biggest and most recognisable digital marketing agencies are always the better choices for the job. Bigger is usually better, or so most people think.

In truth, there are often unique benefits to doing business with the little guys.  Particularly where digital marketing is concerned, the biggest fish in the pond are not always your strongest allies.

As for why, it’s a case of providing a service as a profession or living and breathing that service as a lifestyle. Or to put it another way, the off-the-shelf mass-production approach vs bespoke service provision.

Big Businesses Begin Taking Note

Increasingly, bigger businesses are setting their sights on smaller, independent digital marketing agencies to support their strategies. If not, bringing self-employed freelancers on board, where big-brand digital agencies would have once been hired.

Digital marketing has become the major visibility medium for businesses of all sizes, resulting in a massive spike in demand for the services of skilled digital marketers. The biggest digital brands have swelled to enormous sizes, taken on hundreds of in-house staff and welcomed vast numbers of new clients on board.

All well and good, but the bigger a digital marketing agency becomes, the greater the difficulty in offering a truly personalised service. Things quickly reach a point where everything is offered on a prefabricated package or subscription basis – something of a one-size-fits-all approach.

If there’s one thing most experienced digital marketers will agree on it’s that there’s no such thing as effective one-size-fits-all marketing.

Boom Time for Smaller SEOs and Digital Marketers

What’s happening behind the scenes right now is a significant shift in the way businesses of all sizes are allocating their digital marketing budgets. All of which is playing directly into the hands of smaller agencies, benefiting from unprecedented demand for their services.

The reasons for which are fairly easy to understand. With smaller agencies, their success is intrinsically tied to the success of their clients. They’re often still in the process of establishing their portfolio, and will (literally) stop at nothing to make every project and campaigning success.

They can also offer the kind of flexibility and bespoke service provision that simply isn’t available with a major digital marketing brand. They get to know their clients on a more personal level, and they take the time to understand their businesses.

Importantly, they don’t just spend their time studying statistics and trends to come up with ideas. Instead, they live and breathe the digital marketing landscape as an integral aspect of their everyday lives.

The personalised service of a smaller digital agency effectively mirrors what you would get if you paid for the top-tier or VIP subscription scheme with a major brand.  Flexible, tailored service provision with a dedicated project manager, and total commitment to the success of your company.

All with the benefits of exponentially lower costs, and no requirement to enter into long and binding service agreements.