Why Inbound Marketing Is Six Times a Winner

Regardless of your own personal take on things, it’s a comprehensively acknowledged fact that inbound marketing is the future…the Holy Grail, if you like. The days of being able to bombard prospects with all manner of marketing materials with the hope of generating leads and nurturing conversions are over.  These days, it’s all about winning customers over by providing them with exactly what they want, as opposed to giving them something and trying to persuade them that they want it.

So with this in mind, what follows is a quick rundown of just a few highly relevant inbound marketing statistics collected over the past couple of weeks:

Lead Generation and Blogging

First of all, the power and influence of blogging when it comes to generating leads has been anything but a secret for some time. According to a recent survey carried out by Social Media B2B, businesses that create and maintain effective blogs generate a whopping 67% more leads than companies that do not blog. Blogs tick all the right boxes when it comes to content marketing, engagement, nurturing loyalty and satisfying SEO requirements, all at the same time.

Blog Readers

Every year, the number of adults who identify themselves as regular readers of blogs is increasing. Not only do approximately 80% of web users state that they regularly and routinely read blogs, but around 20% of all time the average user spends online is spent using social media. Which in turn highlights the critical importance of both maintaining an active social media presence and commitment to blogging.

SEO Blogging

Incredibly, the results of a study recently published by ContentPlus reveal that an effective blog has the potential to give a website up to 97% more indexed links and 434% more indexed pages. Suffice to say, all of the above means additional points from the major search engines and the opportunity to climb the rankings. This only becomes possible, however, with the highest quality blogs that are meticulously managed.

Paid Advertising

According to the gurus over at Search Engine Land, the power of the Google-sponsored ad has been declining at record-pace over recent years. In fact, due to widespread awareness that such ads are paid for (rather than listed organically), no more than about one in every five web users pay them any attention at all.

Page One

The same source also published data to suggest that even now, no less than 75% of all web users carrying out searches bother to look at any pages other than page one. So while it’s often argued that SEO is the be all and end all, it’s pretty difficult to get by unless you get the job done properly.

Outbound Vs Inbound

Last but not least, outbound leads cost on average 60% more than inbound leads – a statistic all the more relevant when considering the vastly elevated likelihood of conversion from every inbound lead. As far as the industry’s leading experts are concerned, the amount of money being wasted right now on traditional outbound marketing strategies is borderline unforgivable.