Why Isn't My Website Converting Visitors Into Sales?

It is natural to assume that an incredibly eye-catching and engaging landing page holds the key to conversions. This is true to an extent, but there is far more to it than pristine presentation alone.

Unfortunately, the tendency is to disproportionately prioritise visuals over everything else.  A habit that results in a lack of balance between form and function.

In truth, there are dozens of things that could be stunting the performance of any given landing page.  Though in most instances, landing pages that look great but fail to convert are hampered by one of the following:

1. Non-Responsive Design

If not non-responsive, then at least not responsive enough to win over mobile audiences. Mobile visitors are notoriously fickle and have a dangerously short attention span.  This means that if your site does not instantly please them, they will take their business elsewhere. Mobile compatibility is not enough - your site needs to deliver a flawless user experience for every mobile visitor.

2. Poor Emphasis on Written Copy

This refers to how you present the written copy on your landing pages.  Specifically, things like the positioning, styling and weight of your text. When a visitor hits one of your landing pages, you have just a few seconds to get your point across. If you cannot convince them to stick around by delivering a convincing message, they won’t.

3. Lack of Authenticity

The definition of ‘authenticity’ is open to interpretation, but in this case simply means building trust. Your visitors need to know that for whatever reason they clicked through to your site, you can give them what they want.  And you can do so in a way that is honest, transparent and authentic. Remember that just 45% of people spend more than 15 seconds on any given website. Not a lot of time to establish trust, but that is exactly what you need to do.

4. Performance Issues

Page loading times have been a critical make-or-break factor for some time.  The same can also be said for more general performance issues - anything that compromise is for disrupts the user experience. Be mindful of the fact that today’s consumer prefers speed and simplicity over needless complexities. The quicker and easier you make it for them to convert, the higher the likelihood they will.

5.  Intrusions and Distractions

Popups, banner ads, huge promo labels all over the place - precisely the kinds of distractions that can discourage visitors from converting. Each of your landing pages should serve a specific purpose, in accordance with the source link in question.  Getting carried away with unrelated ads and the all-out hard sell will almost always work against you.

6. Lack of Testing

Last up, the most effective way to boost landing page conversion is to test, test and test some more. This is particularly important with elements like CTAs, where experimentation holds the key to making things work. Make small adjustments, monitor their performance, make further adjustments and continue the process indefinitely.