Why SEO Competitor Research Matters

Though routinely overlooked by businesses of all shapes and sizes, SEO competitor research holds unique and limitless value.
Traditional competitor research may be included in a marketing strategy as standard - SEO competitor research doesn’t tend to attract the same sense of priority.

When you think about it however, the role and importance of SEO competitor research are anything but difficult to comprehend. SEO is all about finding ways and means to outperform your competitors, in order to climb the search engine results rankings. So it’s worth asking – how can you expect to outperform your rivals, if you don’t know exactly how they are performing?

Or for that matter, what they are doing to compete with you?

Punishment Vs. Promotion

Every time a web business experiences a fall in the rankings, the respective business owner assumes they’ve been punished. That some elements of their website or SEO has drawn criticism from Google’s automated crawlers, ultimately resulting in their downfall.

In reality, it’s almost always a case of a competitor climbing the rankings, due to something positive Google has picked up on. Rather than your website being punished, theirs is promoted.

Given that this is all a kind of evaluation and accreditation that goes on behind the scenes, you may feel powerless to do anything about it. In reality, there’s plenty you can do to stay one step ahead of the game.

…all of which begins with SEO competitor research.

The Purpose of SEO Competitor Research 

In terms of what it is that SEO competitor research allows you to do, there are a few critically important benefits to consider, such as:

  • The ability to immediately pinpoint your primary competitors online, which often turn out to be anything but the website some businesses you expect.
  • Important insights into the exact keywords and search terms your competitors are attempting to rank for.  Again, the results often turn out to be surprising.
  • Which elements of your competitors’ pages and content in general are ranking strongly for specific keywords and phrases.
  • Insights into your competitors’ performance by way of link building and direct referral traffic.
  • The extent to which your competitors are involved in and succeeding with social media marketing and promotion.
  • Ideas for subject matter to be used in your own blog posts and static web content alike, having identified its value elsewhere.
  • The ability to pinpoint gaps in your competitors’ SEO and marketing strategies in general, which you can then capitalise on for your benefit.
  • Inspiration for new and creative keywords and phrases to target, which may not be quite as competitive as you realised.

So it goes without saying that SEO competitor research fulfils a number of important roles. The only problem being that without the required experience and expertise, conducting the required analysis can be time consuming and complex. With the experts on board, SEO competitor research can lay the strongest possible foundation upon which to build an SEO strategy of limitless power.