How To Make The Best PPC and Adwords Campaign

You could (quite rightly) argue that putting together the perfect PPC ad is a meticulous art form in its own right. However, it’s also true to say that the basics of quality PPC ad creation are also quite simple.

In fact, there are really just seven things you need to do to steer your PPC ads in the right direction. Get it right with the following and the rest more or less takes care of itself:

1. Choose your keywords well

For obvious reasons, you’re not going to get anywhere if you target the wrong keywords. The problem is that far too many PPC newcomers make assumptions, rather than actually conducting detailed research into the keywords and phrases their customers are actually using.

2.  Prioritise headline quality

If the headline of your PPC ad isn’t 100% irresistible, they’re not going to bother reading the rest. If possible without making things spammy, ensure the keyword you’re targeting is also included in your headline, so they know they’ve found exactly what they were looking for.

3.  Make sure your unique selling proposition is communicated

Whatever it is that makes you both unique and worth doing business with should be communicated clearly in your ad copy. Whether it’s free delivery, a price-match guarantee, unbeatable offers or exclusive products, it needs to be right there at a glance.

4.  Ensure your landing pages are optimised

Not part of your PPC ad in the conventional sense, but just as important. Along with ensuring your landing pages are as engaging and downright awesome as they can possibly be, you need to ensure your visitors are directed to the right pages of your website - not always your home page.

5.  Use strong call-to-actions

A CTA can be a powerful thing, more or less telling the reader what to do next.  However, the key to a good CTA lies in clearly communicating what they stand to get out of the deal. For example, something like “Get your exclusive 20% discount now” as opposed to “visit our website and check out our products”. If they feel there’s something in it for them, there are far more likely to click.

6.  Take note of your competitors

It’s also a good idea to see how your closest competitors are going about their own PPC ad campaigns. Not so you can recreate or emulate their approach, but so you can find a way of differentiating yourself from your rivals and produce more appealing PPC ads.

7.  Test continuously and repeatedly

Last up, even the slightest modification to a PPC ad can have a major difference on its performance. Precisely why it’s essential to continuously adjust your ads and monitor their performance, in order to see what works. This should be an on-going process, enabling you to optimise every last aspect of each PPC ad and pull in the best possible ROI.